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For fantasy fans, comes one girl’s journey through dark worlds of magic, gods, and monsters.

Spooky arrives at a wilderness boot camp for troubled teens with two suitcases and an ultimatum: either she keeps her head down over the summer or she won’t be allowed home at the end of it. All she wants to do is survive the pyros, bullies, and power-tripping counselors, get through senior year, and start her life somewhere new. She’ll do just about anything to protect that future.

But when an encounter with another camper goes awry and ends with Spooky hiding in the woods, something else finds her. Something ancient and powerful has sent out feelers, hoping to catch a human alone. For its purposes, one human is as good as any other. Even a delinquent teen will do.

If Spooky wants to survive to see any kind of future, she will have to figure out how to gain leverage over a god. And as if the one wasn’t bad enough, a pantheon of dark entities are lining up between her and the life she’s always wanted...


"I recommend this book to anyone bored of reading similar books over and over. This absolutely unique novel will blow you away." 

- Emily Marie of @flybybooks

"If you're up for some magical and fast paced read, Trizia and I highly recommend this book. The protagonist, the setting, and the so-called gods will definitely get you hooked from start to finish." 
- Rafi from @pagesandbeyond

"Kimble's easy writing style transports readers back to the transformative and awkward moments we all had growing up, but with the added twist of destructive bickering gods converging on our planet. The narrative is equal parts eclectic plot and dynamic character growth. If you enjoy a first-rate teen fantasy with a truly unique cast, you'll find that Strange Gods is a sweet indulgence infused with humor and heart." 
- 5 star review from Indies Today

"Like a dark supernatural version of Holes, if Stanley Yelnats was forced to do the bidding of a slightly unhinged, earth-obsessed God. If you enjoy YA Fantasy or Dark Fantasy, then I urge you to check this out, it's really good." 

- Natasha on Goodreads

"It was weird in the most delightful ways, it was funny, it was just a lil creepy, and had me thinking about it constantly." 

- Katie Bell of @booksinabathtub

"If Neil Gaiman took a modern stab at Alice in Wonderland I'd like to think you'd get something like Strange Gods. Alison Kimble's debut novel feels and reads more like the work of a seasoned vet. She weaves together an imaginative tale with ease and style, creating a world that is both easy to get lost in and enjoy." 

- Wilbert Stanton, author of The Artful

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